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Research on new transmission belt based on TRIZ conflict resolution matrix

belt transmission is one of the important transmission forms of mechanical transmission. With the continuous improvement of industrial technology and the development of mechanical equipment to precision, lightweight, functionality and personalization, the application range of belt transmission is becoming wider and wider, and there are more and more transmission forms. As the main part of belt transmission, the transmission belt has also changed from the original vulnerable parts to functional parts, and has replaced other transmission forms in many occasions. In order to meet the higher requirements of modern industry for the variety and performance of transmission belts, this paper will apply TRIZ conflict resolution matrix to develop a new transmission belt structure

1Basic theory

whether it is a new design or an improved design of an existing product, designers must first ensure or improve some internal performance of the product in the design process, but this improvement often leads to the reduction of other internal performance of the product, that is, there are often conflicts in the design. According to the compromise method in traditional design, the conflict is not completely resolved, but a compromise is achieved between the two sides of the conflict, or to reduce the degree of conflict. TRIZ (theoryof inventive problem solving) theory that plastic film is easy to get stuck in the recycling machine believes that the symbol of product innovation is to solve the conflicts in design and produce new competitive solutions. Tshuller divides conflicts into three categories: management conflicts, physical conflicts and technical conflicts. Among them, technical conflicts are often seen in design. Technical conflict refers to that an effect leads to both useful and harmful results, and it can also refer to the deterioration of one or more subsystems or systems caused by the introduction of useful effects or the elimination of harmful effects

1.1 39 characteristic parameters

in order to better describe conflicts, altshuller et al. Proposed 39 characteristic parameters of conflicts after a comparative study of a large number of technical conflicts (see Table 1). In practical application, first of all, the two sides of the conflict should be represented by two of the 39 characteristic parameters. Table 1 39 characteristic parameters

1.2 40 invention principles

based on the analysis and research of patents all over the world, altshuller et al. Put forward 40 invention principles. Practice has proved that these principles play an important role in guiding the invention and creation of designers. Table 2 is a summary of 40 inventive principles. Table 2 40 invention principles

1.3 technical conflict resolution matrix

invention principles play the role of a tool. Selecting principles from this tool can put forward ideas or clues to solve problems. But this method is not efficient. Through years of research, analysis and comparison, altshuller proposed a conflict matrix, which establishes the corresponding relationship between 39 engineering parameters describing technical conflicts and 40 invention principles, and solves the problem of selecting invention principles in the design process

the conflict resolution matrix is a matrix with 40 rows and 40 columns, in which the first row or column is the sequence number of 39 engineering parameters describing the conflict. The engineering parameters described in the row of the matrix are the deteriorating party in the conflict, and the engineering parameters represented in the column are the improving party. In addition to the first row and the first column, the other 39 rows and 39 columns form a matrix. The matrix elements are either empty or have several numbers, which represent the recommended principle serial number in the 40 principles of the invention

the principles provided by the technology conflict resolution matrix often cannot directly solve the problem, but provide the exploration direction that is most likely to solve the problem. When solving a problem, we must also put forward specific methods to solve the problem according to the principles provided and the specific conditions of the problem to be solved

2 design example of new transmission belt

2.1 determination of characteristic parameters

in general mechanical transmission, V-belt transmission is the most widely used. The cross-section shape of V-belt is isosceles trapezoid. When working, the two sides of the belt are working surfaces, which are in contact with the side of the ring groove of the pulley, belonging to wedge friction transmission. In use, it will inevitably lead to the wear of the belt and shorten the working life of the belt, which is the harmful effect of the technical system itself, that is, the characteristics to be improved, so "parameter 31 - harmful factors produced by objects" is selected as the improvement parameter. While the harmful function of belt wear is reduced, the transmission friction is reduced, that is, the useful function is deteriorated, so "parameter 10 - force" is selected as the deteriorated parameter

2.2 find the TRIZ conflict matrix

find the square corresponding to parameter 31 and parameter 10 from the matrix table (see Table 3), and the recommended invention principle serial numbers in the square are: 35 - physical/chemical state change, 28 - replacement of mechanical system, 1 - segmentation, 40 - composite material. Table 3 find the conflict matrix

2.3 analysis of invention principle

principle 35 is the change of physical/chemical state: change the physical/chemical state, concentration/density, flexibility and temperature of the object. According to this principle, we can explore and develop the manufacturing process of the transmission belt, such as further studying the rubber vulcanization process to change the flexibility and durability of the belt

principle 28 is the replacement of mechanical system, which is reflected in four aspects: (1) replace some mechanical systems with visual, auditory and olfactory systems; (2) Using electric field and magnetic field is the key technical link of the experimental machine, and the electromagnetic field completes the interaction with the object; (3) Change the fixed field into a moving field, the static field into a dynamic field, and the random field into a definite field; (4) Ferromagnetic particles are used in the action of fields. Luo Shanming and others introduced electromagnetic field into belt drive and designed magnetic metal belt drive. Magnetic metal belt drive (as shown in Figure 1) is composed of active magnetic belt pulley, driven magnetic belt pulley, exciting coil and metal belt. Magnetic metal belt transmission relies on the coil wound on the spokes of large and small pulleys to generate magnetic field force to attract the metal belt to generate greater positive pressure, so as to greatly enhance the development of new material industry and improve the friction between the transmission belt and the pulley. Therefore, the generation of friction is the result of the joint action of electromagnetic attraction and initial tension. Magnetic belt transmission has the characteristics of wide transmission ratio range, small elastic sliding, accurate transmission and high efficiency. The metal belt (as shown in Figure 2) is woven with metal fibers to reduce its bending stress and improve its bearing capacity and service life

1 active magnetic belt pulley, 2 exciting coil, 3 metal belt, 4 driven magnetic belt pulley

Figure 1 magnetic metal belt transmission structure and principle

1 canvas layer, 2 ordinary rubber, 3 steel wire rope, 4 magnetic rubber

Figure 2 structure of magnetic composite metal belt

principle 1 is segmentation, and the principle is reflected in three aspects: (1) dividing an object into mutually independent parts; (2) Divide the object into parts that are easy to assemble and disassemble; (3) Increase the degree of segmentation of objects. According to this, the above is the relevant introduction of the advantages of the rubber fatigue testing machine and the operating steps of the equipment by the technicians of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. the possible solution is to set many wedge-shaped microstructures on the surface of the belt transmission pair, and the mutual meshing and friction on both sides jointly transmit power, as shown in Figure 3

Figure 3 rough surface transmission belt

principle 40 is composite material: change the material with single material into composite material. This principle suggests that with the development of material science, the transmission belt will adopt a composite material to increase the transmission friction and improve the wear resistance

2.4 comprehensive application of invention principles

in TRIZ theory, more than one invention principle is usually selected, which shows that predecessors have used these principles to solve some specific technical conflicts. These principles only indicate the possible directions of solutions, that is, the application of these principles filters out many unlikely directions of solutions. Therefore, try to apply each selected principle to the design process, and don't refuse to adopt any recommended principle

in view of the technical conflict of the transmission belt, the "invention principle 28 - replacement of mechanical system" and "invention principle L - division" are combined, and the wedge-shaped microstructure is set on the metal belt of magnetic metal belt transmission, so that the magnetic force acts simultaneously with meshing and friction, and the accuracy and stability of belt transmission are improved. The structure of magnetic metal belt with rough surface is shown in Figure 4

1 - canvas layer; 2 - ordinary rubber; 3 - steel wire rope; 4 - magnetic rubber

Figure 4 rough surface magnetic metal belt

3 conclusion

TRIZ conflict resolution principle provides a series of innovative principles and methods to solve design conflicts, and provides important ideas for the innovative design of transmission belts. By analyzing the problems of belt transmission, this paper abstracts its technical conflict. Based on TRIZ technical conflict resolution matrix, comprehensively applying the innovative principle, this paper conceives the solution of belt transmission, which provides a new direction for the design of transmission belt. (end)

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