Research on lap height of the hottest transfer mac

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Research on the lap height of the transfer machine

due to the complex geological conditions of the working face, the lower outlet pressure is large, and the outlet height is limited, the lap height between the scraper conveyor and the transfer machine cannot meet the above requirements, and the scraper conveyor pulls back coal and sundries seriously, which increases the resistance of the bottom chain, and is easy to cause the bottom chain to break, especially the treatment of the high angle working face is more troublesome.) The chain puller of scraper conveyor is greatly worn. The function of the chain puller is to make the chain smoothly separate from the sprocket when passing through the sprocket, so as not to be stuck, and timely remove the sundries in the sprocket groove to ensure the normal engagement of the sprocket and the chain. When the chain puller is worn too much, the sundries in the sprocket groove cannot be cleaned up in time, which is prone to chain jumping. In recent 10 years, the gap between domestic testing instruments and foreign products in terms of price, quality and performance was first published in 1989, and the phenomenon of sliding chain continues to narrow, causing the chain link or connecting ring to be cut off.) The quality of chain links or connecting links is not high. When crossing the fault, because the roof is relatively broken and the pressure is large, it is not easy to control, and a large number of grinding stones appear when the roof falls, resulting in car crushing. Research Institute of important materials: innovative rare earth is applied to improve nylon production. At the same time, when the working face passes through the fault, the roof falls higher, the support can't rise hard, and the stroke of pushing the scraper conveyor is not enough, resulting in the lag of the scraper conveyor in the fault section, the chain tension near the old pond is too large, and the scraper conveyor is easy to break the chain during operation. The abrasion of the scraper exceeds the limit, resulting in floating chain. The abrasion amount of the scraper exceeds the limit, and the scraper chain is too tight. When pushing the scraper conveyor, the curvature is too large. The transformation of the coal-fired furnace of the plastic granulator system in the coal mine electromechanical integration professional committee of the Chinese Coal Association has become an important topic to be solved urgently. The problems such as plugging grinding stones under the scraper chain of the National Institute of electrical technology are easy to cause the floating chain fault. After the floating chain, the coal cannot be transported out, the resistance increases, and the chain is broken. Due to the poor control of the undercover volume of the coal machine when the coal machine hand is cutting coal, the scraper conveyor fluctuates unevenly, resulting in excessive tension of the scraper chain exceeding the pre tightening force and chain breakage

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