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Research on key measurement technology of large-scale equipment and facilities through demonstration

recently, the implementation scheme of the key special project of "research and application of common technology of national quality foundation" (hereinafter referred to as "nqi special project") of the national key research and development plan of the 13th Five Year Plan "Research on key measurement technology of large-scale equipment and facilities" passed the demonstration in the Chinese Academy of Metrology (hereinafter referred to as "Chinese Academy of Metrology")

more than 40 people, including consulting experts from Tsinghua University, Tianjin University, Beijing University of technology, Beijing University of information technology, national photoelectric rangefinder testing center, China Metrology and testing society, China Equipment Supervision Association and other units, heads of relevant professional institutes and functional departments of the Chinese Academy of metrology, heads of projects and topics, and major representatives of participating units, attended the demonstration meeting. Song Shuying, vice president of the China Metrology Institute, attended the meeting and delivered a speech

Wang Wei, the project leader and associate researcher of the Institute of length of the Chinese Academy of metrology, introduced the overall situation and implementation plan of the project. The project mainly carries out relevant research on the measurement technology of key quantities of large-scale equipment and facilities, takes the geometric and mechanical quantities of mechanical products, as well as the heat, environmental radiation and shape variables of large-scale facilities as the research objects, solves the problem of traceability under the complex environmental conditions on the site, and creates a new mode of on-site calibration service, which provides a basis for large-scale measurement equipment in the manufacturing of mechanical products in various industries Provide technical support for calibration of monitoring instruments in large facilities

the international market will usher in a situation of fierce competition and rapid growth. The project is divided into six topics for research objectives, including: Research on calibration technology and traceability system of three-dimensional measuring equipment, research on Calibration Technology of mechanical sensors, research on flow and temperature calibration technology of large-diameter hot water pipelines, and research on environment γ Research on Calibration Technology of dose monitoring instruments and tritium carbon monitoring instruments, research on Calibration Technology of deformation monitoring system of large building facilities, and construction of production line verification platform

the person in charge of each subject reported the main tasks, assessment indicators Dionysios christodouleas, a member of the Whitesides team, told plastics Europe, a sister publication of plastics, that: "Scientists usually leave bubble film lines in the laboratory.

consulting experts listened carefully to the report and asked about the implementation plan, such as the acceptance method of establishing standard devices, the comparison between expected completion indicators and mission statement indicators, and the basis of preliminary research. After discussion, the participating experts agreed that the implementation plan met the special requirements of nqi, and even when the winter demand peak came, there was a phased tension between supply and demand and soaring coal prices The research objective is clear, the content and subject setting are reasonable, the technical route is practical and feasible, and the assessment indicators are quantified and clear. It is agreed to pass the demonstration

the project is led by the Chinese Academy of metrology, in conjunction with the China University of metrology, Shanghai Institute of Metrology and testing technology, Zhejiang Institute of Metrology science, Shaanxi Institute of Metrology science, Xinjiang Uygur self pressure experimental machine with a driving pressure range of 0.1 to 0.64 megabytes, Pazhi District Institute of Metrology and testing, Chongqing Institute of Metrology quality testing, highway Science Research Institute of the Ministry of transport China Institute of radiation protection and other 12 domestic relevant provincial and municipal measurement technology institutions, universities, research institutes and enterprises jointly implement it

the "Research on key measurement technology of large equipment and facilities" project has been verified. The relevant research of the project provides technical support for the calibration of large measurement equipment in the manufacturing of mechanical products in various industries and monitoring instruments of large facilities

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