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Taiwan's glass industry will go to Nanjing to participate in the exhibition in September, hoping to seek agents

Seven Taiwan's glass industry will go to Nanjing to participate in the exhibition in September, actively seeking local agents and dealers

According to the report on August 2, Zhongwei development center, a Taiwanese consortium legal person that has helped Taiwan's ceramics and tea industries advance to the mainland, will focus on glass this year and next, and Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. will mainly select several important leading industries, and will lead seven Taiwan glassmakers to Nanjing to participate in the exhibition in September

Hsinchu alone accounted for five of the seven Taiwanese glass producers who went to Nanjing to participate on September 17. They cultivated a batch of national and provincial enterprise technology centers and provincial key enterprise research institutes, including Zhuqing glass, Taiwan glass company, qiangeng company, Zhengyi glass and Chunchi glass; The other two are European and American glass in Taipei and Taiming general glass in Changhua

Lin qican, the person in charge of Zhuqing glass and the chairman of Zhuqian Glass Association, said that the leading station for the exhibition in Nanjing this time was different from the way that a single operator displayed alone in a 3 square meter space in the past. Zhongwei center made an overall image packaging to combine the situational mode of daily necessities and ornaments

Lin qican pointed out that the image packaging combined with the situational mode of poster and cultural publicity can indeed attract more attention, but from the perspective of the glass industry, due to the small number of products displayed, the sales opportunities are relatively reduced. Therefore, the industry suggests that it hopes to change the design, arrange more products, and give consumers more choices

Lin qican, who participated in the exhibition on the mainland for nine times last year, said that although the exhibition can improve the exposure of the glass industry, the number of sales during the smooth progress of the project is limited due to the short site. The most important goal is to seek local agents or dealers to set up sales points for a long time

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