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Taiwan businessmen have encountered difficulties in investing in ethylene cracking units in the mainland. The most crowded manufacturers on the island said that according to the mainland's "Tenth Five Year Plan", the mainland's ethylene production will reach the target by 2005, and the mainland may postpone the opening of foreign investment in the construction of ethylene cracking units, which is bound to affect the plans of Formosa Plastics and member factories of the Taiwan Petrochemical Association on the island to invest in upstream petrochemical projects in the mainland. While the pace of the mainland has slowed down, an official revealed that the Taiwan authorities will also slow down the opening of petrochemical upstream investment in the mainland, and may suspend the opening before 2005. During this period, it will mainly assist in the direct flight of Formosa Plastics Mailiao industrial port and the renewal of Taiwan Zhongyou Kaohsiung plant

the head of the relevant department in Taiwan has approved that the total investment of the Kaohsiung plant of PetroChina Taiwan Limited is 92billion yuan (New Taiwan dollars, the same below), with an area of 252 hectares. Compared with the investment projects of Daxin and high-tech park, it is expected to meet the needs of member plants. At this stage, Formosa Plastics Group is not in a hurry to invest in the upstream ethylene cracking plant in the mainland. Instead, it hopes to open direct flights between the two sides as soon as possible to facilitate the integration of upstream, midstream and downstream plants on both sides of the Strait, without having to go through third places such as Ishigaki Island in Japan, so as to improve transportation efficiency and reduce costs

Formosa Plastics Group transports the petrochemical intermediate raw materials produced by Liuqing Institute to the mainland. South Asia has completed the layout of downstream plants in the mainland. Formosa Plastics and Formosa chemical have also established information sharing platforms for enterprises, upgraded relevant computer software or replaced integrated systems, and strengthened their technology and capabilities in this regard by cooperating with excellent Internet enterprises and vocational and technical colleges. Can PVC in the mainland achieve impact experiments on Universal Experimental machines, ABS PTA and other petrochemical midstream devices and steam power symbiosis plants; As for the upstream, it is still dominated by Liuqing, and then exported through Mailiao port. Mailiao port has strived with the Taiwan authorities to relax from an industrial port to a comprehensive industrial and commercial port, so as to become one of the future cross-strait direct shipping ports, but the authorities still have nothing to say about the industrial and commercial port. 4. Experimental principles and methods; Due to the unwillingness of the relevant departments to cooperate, it may be difficult for the relevant departments of the Taiwan authorities to help Mailiao port become a direct port in the short term

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