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Do you know the anti rust, heat insulation and cooling effect of anti-corrosion and heat insulation paint?

the heat insulation principle of reflective heat insulation paint is mainly high heat reflectivity, which reflects the light and heat of the sun, reduces the irradiation temperature of heated objects, and effectively reduces radiant heat transfer and convective heat transfer. The American military standard stipulates that the reflectivity of dark paint is more than 50%. The Ministry of construction "building reflective thermal insulation paint" (discussion draft) has requirements for the thermal insulation of building reflective thermal insulation paint. Beijing Zhisheng Weihua zs-221 reflective sunscreen and thermal insulation coating has been widely used in offshore drilling platforms, oil tanks, oil pipelines, grain depots, base station launch bases, steel structure roofs and glass curtain walls in the construction industry, reducing the surface temperature and internal temperature of equipment exposed to solar heat radiation, improving the working environment, improving safety, etc., and increasing the energy saving rate by more than 15%. Zhi a1=........................ calculation formula of spectrum reduction shengweihua zs-221 reflective sunscreen and heat insulation coating not only has the characteristics of strong adhesion, good weather resistance, long service life, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, damp and heat resistance, salt fog resistance, ultraviolet light resistance, non-ferrous components, no irritating odor, but also has the characteristics of high-strength radiation resistance, reflecting sunlight and blocking heat transfer. It is a new special coating integrating corrosion prevention and heat insulation and cooling

according to the thermal analysis and atmospheric window emission effect under sunlight, the spectral analysis of sunlight and a large number of on-site investigations, zs-221 sunscreen and heat insulation coating launched by Beijing Zhisheng Weihua Chemical Co., Ltd. is a new type of heat insulation and cooling coating that integrates reflection, small stroke of its oil cylinder piston, radiation and hollow bead heat insulation. The coating can resist solar infrared rays in the range of 400nm-2500nm Visible light and ultraviolet light are highly reflected, and new inorganic materials such as carbon nanotubes, carbides and nitrides in zs-221 reflective sunscreen and heat insulation coating of Zhisheng Weihua have electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine for static testing of different materials, which has strong electromagnetic wave infrared shielding and aging resistance, and does not allow the heat of the sun to accumulate and heat up on the surface of objects. In hot summer, Under direct sunlight, the total thermal insulation and temperature drop can reach more than 25 ℃, even in rainy and overcast days, the temperature can reach more than 5 ℃. Zhisheng Weihua zs-221 reflective sunscreen and heat insulation coating is added with new inorganic anti-aging materials, and the weather resistance and anti-aging property are improved by 30%. The service life of Zhisheng brand zs-221 sunscreen and heat insulation coating can reach more than 25 years. The coating is water-based, environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and the technology is world-leading, effectively solving the problems of high-temperature sunscreen, corrosion and rust of materials Waterproof and moisture-proof problems

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