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Taiyuan 230A diesel internal combustion welding machine

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Taiyuan 230A diesel internal combustion welding machine is a gasoline powered electric welding machine in the true sense. One machine is dual-purpose, with excellent function. It can be removed only after the cable tail line is connected, so as to achieve the desired cost performance, so that you can enjoy more economic benefits. It adopts nine phase full wave rectification welding. The glass transition temperature of the current is>143 ℃, which is stable, and the spatter is small, and the weld crater is smooth

1. This series of welding machines are especially suitable for the welding of thin plates and medium and thick plates.

2 Suitable for gas shielded welding of all kinds of low carbon steel and low alloy steel

3. The external wire feeding mechanism has excellent agility

4. Hierarchical scheduling is convenient and easy to operate

5. High production efficiency, good welding quality, no slag, open arc, small welding heat affected zone, small deformation, beautiful weld formation

6. It has overload protection function and good reliability

product advantages of Taiyuan 230A diesel internal combustion welding machine: it adopts asynchronous brushless generator, free of protection and maintenance, and selects the famous brand engine from gaoaodaze. The arc welding operation is stable and reliable, with the function of power discharge protection. It uses Enron to adopt closed-loop control, with huge line layout, convenient use and protection, and low failure rate

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