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Taiwan industry opposes the ban on plastic trays and egg boxes

Taiwan news, recently, the environmental protection agency negotiated with supermarket industry, plastic Association and warehousing industry on the prohibition of plastic and styrofoam materials for trays and boxed eggs sold in fresh goods in supermarkets. Many practitioners raised objections

it is reported that the supermarket industry said that if the paper or polylactic acid tray advocated by the environmental protection agency is used, the heat preservation, freshness preservation and water retention are not as good as those of styrofoam and plastic. The actual test of a supermarket showed that the result was not only increased costs, but also poor consumer response. The seller of boxed eggs also pointed out that the profit of egg price is very low, and the plastic egg box is the lightest and cheapest material. If other materials are used without any damage, the material cost and transportation cost will increase significantly

meet a series of relevant experimental standards in Taiwan, the various trays used to hold fish, meat, fruit, vegetables, sashimi and sushi in supermarkets are mostly made of styrofoam, plastic materials and integrated with pottery. It is also tested under the load of 1200 C for 4 hours without failure. It is difficult to achieve sharp shape, gloss/matte and other unique texture of plastic; Plastic egg boxes are also used for eggs in boxes. EPA hopes to use paper products, polylactic acid and other materials to replace it

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