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Taiwanese businessmen don't want to get involved in politics

in Taiwan, most businessmen don't want to get involved in politics, especially in this "presidential election", because there are too many lessons learned. In the past, under the long-term rule of the Kuomintang, many people would maintain good political and business relations with the ruling party, and Hao did not hide his color. He hoped that when his own enterprises needed help, although their expectations in the next few months might be less optimistic, the government would pull them in, thus creating a black money politics that the people hated. The black gold politics ended the fifty year regime of the Kuomintang. In the past, businessmen who did not manage their own businesses well and survived only by relying on the relationship between politics and business collapsed like dominoes after the rotation of political parties. Most Taiwanese businessmen choose to stay away from politics

recently, Taiwan media have reported that pro Bian Taiwanese businessmen have recently been "repaired" by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council on the mainland. Those named include Lin Baili, chairman of Guangda, Xie Shoufu, chairman of first financial holding, and Xu Wenlong, chairman of Qimei electronics. Among them, first financial holding also admitted that Xie Shoufu's previously scheduled trip to Beijing may be cancelled due to political factors. In the mainland, "Geon bio has been used for some business in the field of shoes and furniture". The people emphasized in an article that they did not welcome green Taiwanese businessmen, and directly criticized Xu Wenlong, chairman of Qimei electronics

in today's Taiwan's political environment, the rotation of political parties is normal, and most people are no longer willing to get involved in the political storm. They understand that the betting mentality can only achieve success for a few years, which is not conducive to long-term development. It is the right way to do business separately. In the hearts of Taiwanese businessmen, everyone may have their own political party tendencies and the candidates they support. It is also their freedom to express their positions. As long as there are no special stakeholders because of the objects of support, the general Taiwanese people actually treat pan blue and pan green enterprises with a normal heart

as an important production base and potential market, Taiwan enterprises' investment in the mainland does have great economic benefits; In terms of economic and trade interests, the comprehensive opening of investment and trade across the Straits is basically in the interests of both sides, which probably few people will disagree. But on the other hand, the Taiwan authorities are worried that if Taiwan enterprises invest in the mainland more than a certain degree, it is easy to form excessive capital outflows and high trade dependence. Moreover, enterprises' investment in the mainland, on the one hand, will lead to the hollowing out of Taiwan's industries and the drying up of funds; On the one hand, it has contributed to the expansion of the mainland's economic strength, which is not conducive to Taiwan's overall security. The contradiction between economic interests and security interests

Taiwan's "Ministry of economy" published a new version of the policy review standard of "no haste, be patient" for mainland investment if the gasket needs to be replaced in 1997. Key points include: specifying infrastructure construction such as reservoirs, power plants, airports, railways, highways, port facilities, etc. as prohibited investment projects; It is stipulated that the maximum amount of investment in a case is 50million US dollars; Stipulate the upper limit of the cumulative amount of individual enterprises' investment in the mainland; The project review category shall be graded according to the industrial characteristics and case characteristics. By 2000, the Democratic Progressive Party came to power and confirmed that the "no haste, be patient" policy for mainland investment was changed to "active opening and effective management"; The main measures include regularly reviewing and relaxing mainland investment industries and product projects, relaxing mainland investment capital restrictions, establishing a flexible mechanism for cross-strait capital flows, and opening up people from the mainland to visit Taiwan on the premise of considering Taiwan's security

in the real environment, which is the priority between economic and trade interests and Taiwan's security? How to define is the subjective consciousness of different opinions. When almost the whole world is attracted by the magnet of Chinese Mainland, Taiwan businessmen with a keen sense of smell certainly cannot ignore the development of a more favorable environment for themselves. What puzzled them was that the Taiwan authorities often tied their ambitions and their hands and feet with the big rope of invisible Taiwan security

Taiwan exports more to the mainland and imports less, resulting in a huge surplus every year, especially last year, the surplus to the mainland was as high as 24.4 billion US dollars. Had it not been for the huge surplus induced by Taiwan businessmen's investment in the mainland, Taiwan's trade would have been in deficit. The expansion of the surplus has accelerated Taiwan's economic growth, significantly increased exports, stimulated the increase in production, and also created a large number of employment opportunities and foreign exchange deposits of up to 226.523 billion US dollars. It is an indisputable fact that the economy of Chinese Mainland has developed rapidly. Important enterprises all over the world attach importance to this market. If Taiwan's enterprises are absent because of some people, Whether the accumulation of Taiwan's self-economic strength is beneficial or harmful is worth pondering

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