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Taipei, April 24, China News Agency in Hong Kong: Taiwan's paper industry is moving faster and faster into the mainland. In addition to yongfengyu, who first entered the mainland market, plans to add a new paper mill, Rongcheng, which disposed of Suzhou household paper mill only last year, will complete the new paper mill in advance next month and join the mass production line. Zhenglong, who entered the mainland market at the latest, is expected to set up a paper mill and a paper factory, which have been approved by the mainland and are expected to pass the audit by the end of June

among all Taiwan paper mills entering the mainland, yongfengyu has the fastest pace and the longest time. At present, yongfengyu has Jiangyin white paper mill, Kunshan household paper mill and three paper mills in Guangzhou, Xiamen and Kunshan in the mainland. As these three paper mills have made profits, and the booming export market in the mainland has increased the demand for paper, yongfengyu is evaluating the addition of additional paper mills and industrial paper mills, which are expected to be finalized by the middle of the year. Among them, Guangzhou, Suzhou and Jiangyin are all considered

at present, Rongcheng, which owns a paper mill in the mainland, is optimistic about the operation of its Wuxi Longda factory, and then press the "start" button of the governor. Because the production capacity is full and the order receiving is prosperous, it invested another US $22 million last year to add a new paper machine, and it is estimated that the annual production capacity is expected to increase from the current 50000 tons to 150000 tons. The company said that it was originally estimated that the new paper machine would not be put into production until the third quarter, but due to the progress of 9.81% year-on-year increase, it was estimated that mass production could be completed by the end of May

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