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Can you debug and troubleshoot electrical equipment? It is recommended to collect and study the PPT courseware for debugging and troubleshooting of complete sets of electrical equipment

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section: Electrical Engineering power supply and distribution technology

harmonic governance in folding polycrystalline casting industry 1. Overview:

1 The medium polysilicon ingot furnace is the key equipment for polysilicon manufacturing. The stability of its process flow, the stability and progressiveness of equipment control are directly related to whether it can produce qualified silicon ingots, and the direct current service connection of qualified silicon ingots determines the photoelectric conversion efficiency of batteries made of silicon wafers

2. The general engineering application of polycrystalline silicon ingots widely adopts the AC induction heating melting method, which is mainly due to the continuous interruption of the growth of grains through AC disturbance stirring, so that the grains become small and polycrystalline, and the grains are refined. The magnetic field of medium frequency furnace has the effect of electromagnetic disturbance on the molten raw materials, which is conducive to the uniformity of components and scum. Therefore, at present, the power supply of polysilicon ingot furnace generally adopts the medium frequency power supply smelting mode

3. Medium frequency vacuum induction melting and unidirectional solidification technology have the ability to prepare square polysilicon ingots with large weight

⑴. Composition of medium frequency smelting furnace:

medium frequency power cabinet, compensation capacitor, furnace body and water-cooling cable, reducer, etc

⑵ in the power system, through statistical analysis, the medium frequency power supply is the largest harmonic source

6 pulse intermediate frequency power supply: the main characteristic harmonics are 5, 7, 11, 13, etc

12 pulse intermediate frequency power supply: the main characteristic harmonics are 11, 13, 23, 25, etc

generally, the small if power supply adopts 6 pulses

the larger medium frequency power supply adopts 12 pulses

4. The medium frequency smelting furnace is mainly divided into three stages during operation:

⑴, heating and temperature rise stage; At this time, the working current is large, the harmonic quantity is high, and the power factor can reach about 0.70.8

⑵. Melting stage; At this time, the working condition is similar to that in the heating and heating stage. At this time, it is in the state of high harmonic content, and the power factor can reach about 0.750.82

⑶. Heat preservation and discharging stage; At this time, the working current is small (because the furnace temperature has reached the Curie line position, it is meaningless to continue to increase the current), the harmonic content is low, and the power factor is low

5. The polycrystalline smelting furnace is mostly heated by Hz medium frequency power supply, and its power range is 202500kw

6. The medium frequency power supply of polysilicon ingot furnace often produces a large number of harmonics in the working process, resulting in very serious harmonic pollution in the electricity. Harmonics reduce the efficiency of electric energy transmission and utilization, overheat electrical equipment, produce vibration and noise, accelerate the aging of its insulation equipment, reduce its service life, and even cause failure and burning. The impact on its own automatic control can not be ignored, which will reduce the safety factor and product quality. Harmonics will also cause malfunction of automation devices and increase electric energy measurement

polycrystalline pouring equipment

principle introduction

① Connection mode; Connected in parallel to the AC incoming terminal of a single if power supply, it is a local harmonic treatment and reactive power compensation mode

②. Rated capacity; It is designed according to the user's unit charging and discharging power (kw)

③. Filtering mode; Tuning filtering

④. Control mode; Third, because the cross-linked phase is complementary, it has the function of manual and automatic switching

⑤. Switching mode; Code setting switching

⑥. Switching devices; Thyristor switch or AC contactor

device characteristics

①. The controller calculates the active power, reactive power and compensation capacity through the collected voltage and current. The controller switches automatically according to the set filtering and compensation branch data

②. The branches share reasonably, the power factor can reach 0.950.99, and there is no over compensation

③. It can monitor the real-time operation data of electric voltage, current, frequency, active and reactive power factor, harmonic distortion rate, etc

④. The capacitor switching device can be composed of silicon controlled load switch or special capacitor switching contactor. The thyristor is non-contact switching, and the filter branch is input when the voltage point at both ends is zero (equipotential). Cut off the filter branch when the current crosses zero. During the switching process, there is no transient impact and switching inrush impact

⑤. Cooling method from the government level: forced air cooling

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