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Taiwan's plastic manufacturers may suffer losses

the settlement price of ethylene in March of Taichung oil is between 428-431 dollars/ton, and propylene is 377 dollars/ton, depending on the product category. Plastic manufacturers estimate that the settlement price of ethylene in April should be about $500/ton and propylene at $430/ton. This price is at least $100/ton cheaper than the current price in the spot market in the Far East

at present, the price of HDPE exported by Formosa Plastics and Formosa polymer is about 690 US dollars/ton; If you want to know more about the details of the experimental machine, the export price of Fuju and Yongjia PP is about $620 per ton. If you produce HDPE and PP with spot ethylene of $620 per ton and spot propylene of $540 per ton, you will have an absolute loss

insiders believe that the price of spot ethylene and propylene in the Far East is too high, which has greatly reduced the buying of plastic manufacturers. The current situation is that the price of basic petrochemical raw materials has soared, but the price of plastics has remained unchanged. The price of PP, PE and other related plastic products has little chance of rising again in the short term. At present, the most reasonable price of ethylene should be less than 500 US dollars/ton, and the reasonable price of propylene should be less than 450 US dollars/ton. In this way, the industrialization of graphene, which can stimulate people in the market, is still a long way off

industry insiders said that the main reason for the rise in petrochemical raw materials in the second quarter was that major petrochemical plants such as Japan and South Korea concentrated on annual maintenance in April and may, resulting in tight supply of ethylene, propylene and other raw materials. Coupled with the recent rise in crude oil prices, light oil prices also rose. Korean plastic recycling granulator reprocesses the waste plastic in daily life to generate the plastic raw material required by the enterprise. Under the situation of rising ethylene raw material price, China Hyundai Petrochemical even stopped the LLDPE production line and directly threw it out. When the parts are completely cured, ethylene is sold on the spot market

however, at the time of the annual maintenance of Taichung oil in June, most of the major petrochemical plants in Japan and South Korea have completed the annual maintenance, and the tight supply of basic raw materials in the spot market will disappear. Industry insiders said that the spot prices of ethylene and propylene should not rise again after June

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