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Do you know the eight advantages of UV dryer?

UV printing is a new offset printing process, which requires that offset printing machines must have UV drying system. Offset printing machines with UV drying system are mainly imported, and the price is very expensive. Generally, the original offset printing machines of printing enterprises do not have UV drying devices, so they can only rely on connecting UV dryer for UV printing. As a new drying equipment, UV dryer has flexible application advantages. On this basis, Xinyi has enriched the advantages of UV dryer. Here are the eight advantages of Xinyi UV dryer:

1 Instant drying eliminates waiting drying time, greatly shortens the coating process, and many companies at home and abroad have made great breakthroughs in the utilization of fiber-reinforced composite auto parts

2. Extensive drying function: drying of wood, plywood, furniture, steel plate, building materials, lenses, leather, etc. after coating with UV paint

3. The whole equipment adopts electrostatic plastic spraying, which is beautiful, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean

4. The electrical control part adopts the products of Schneider, France, LCD and Omron, Japan, which has high control sensitivity, accelerates the commercialization process and is durable

5. The conveyor belt adopts imported stainless steel belt

6. The light source adopts imported high-pressure mercury lamp

7. The power supply is Taiwan style, which is more energy-saving and more efficient

8. It is designed with dust-free filter air inlet circulating cooling 27, and has a two-stage limit protection system of program control and machinery, which is more conducive to the temperature reduction in the UV area. At the same time, the positive pressure air design can reduce dust

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