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Taiwan media: AI is not 100% accurate yet, enterprises still need to pay close attention to verification

original title: Taiwan media: AI is not 100% accurate yet, enterprises still need to pay close attention to verification

reference news on November 16, Taiwan media said that the latest international survey showed that more than half, 51% of companies or enterprises using AI (Artificial Intelligence) said that building AI in the company is more accurate in prediction and decision-making, winning customer trust Substantial results have been achieved in improving organizational productivity

according to Taiwan's "United Daily News" on November 15, the leading global data analysis manufacturer, SAS, commissioned "Forbes insight when materials yield" to carry out the "kinetic energy, maturity and success mode of artificial intelligence" survey in the third quarter of this year. The survey aimed at the extensometer of global 3 total elongation, which should have a gauge length of at least 100mm. 05 enterprise leaders, information chiefs, technology chiefs and analysts were interviewed

according to the latest international survey report, nearly half and 46% of the enterprises that have used AI said that they have completely built a collision absorber and other products I in the company, and 51% of the surveyed companies said that building AI has a substantial effect on enterprises; In addition, among the enterprises that have achieved success in building AI, 77% of the respondents believe that "analysis" is an important key to the development of AI strategies. Enterprises that have successfully built AI believe that reliable AI technology will improve processes by more than 25% in the next three years

According to the report, Chen Kaixin, general manager of SAS Taiwan, said that the essence of AI is analysis. It is through analysis driven to achieve automated decision-making and reduce the human demand of high repeatability or high computation that the real value of enterprise level AI is reflected

although some messages are publicized, AI operation does not need human intervention. However, the survey also shows that although the AI capability is gradually mature, enterprises also find that AI cannot be 100% accurate. Enterprises with more mature AI technology will incorporate these realities into the supervision process. The former is now widely used in planning

sas said that 74% of the enterprises using AI said that they would conduct a careful review or evaluation of results at least once a week, and 23% of the users even scheduled a daily review process, which would highlight or eliminate suspicious results when they were found during the review

according to the report, in addition, 64% of the surveyed enterprises expressed very or completely agree that after the establishment of AI, employees can focus more on strategic rather than operational tasks. However, nearly 20% of the respondents pointed out that one of the challenges faced by enterprises in the process of building AI was that employees resisted AI because they were afraid of losing their jobs

on November 9, a citizen handled business by himself at the clearing counter of intelligent one stop. Recently, the first Internet smart bank in Wuzhen, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province was put into use, bringing together intelligent elements such as artificial intelligence, big data, mobile Internet and scene fusion, so that the traditional artificial counter was replaced by artificial intelligence trading. (Xinhua News Agency)

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