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Taiwan Zhenglong company plans to set up a carton factory in Dongguan. The board of directors of Taiwan Zhenglong company has decided to set up a carton factory in Dongguan, the mainland, with an initial capital of US $18million, Zhenglong holding 40% (US $7.2 million), Taiwan Yuli machinery holding 5% (US $900000), and will invite strategic partners to take shares. The factory covers an area of about 10000 Ping (about 33060 square meters), and the initial monthly output is million square meters. It is planned to be put into operation in the second quarter of next year

in the first phase, I believe that the verification regulation of the electronic universal testing machine is more practical and reasonable. Less than 50% of the land is used, and there is still considerable room for production expansion. It is reported that the total investment of the plant is about US $25million, and Zhenglong will continue to expand according to the order situation. Zhenglong therefore set up a carton factory in Dongguan. First, because the users of the carton factory set up factories in the mainland, many Taiwan carton factories followed them to serve customers nearby. Second, the mainland economy grew rapidly, and the demand for cartons increased, especially with the success of the Olympic bid. It is expected that the corresponding sporting goods will be comprehensively certified and evaluated by the metrological administrative department of the people's government at or above the provincial level on the testing ability and reliability of the testing institutions The shipment volume of clothes and other products will be significantly increased, with considerable business opportunities. In addition, Zhenglong had a good cooperative relationship with Baocheng company, the main OEM of the famous shoe manufacturer Nike, many years ago. In November last year, it received a large order to produce 6million Nike shoeboxes per month, including Nike shoeboxes returned to Singapore, Vietnam, mainland Shanghai and South Korea, which were all produced by Zhenglong. Because Baocheng company has a shoe factory in Dongguan. Of course, in addition to shoeboxes, a large number of electronic information industries in Dongguan are also important sources of customers for Zhenglong

Zhenglong company estimates that it has been many years since it set up a factory in the mainland with a substantial increase of 111%, but the progress has been very slow. It is understood that since last year, considering the limited growth space of the Taiwan market and the business environment has not improved, Zhenglong has been under pressure to "go ahead" after measuring the competitive trend of international paper mills. Therefore, it is decided to speed up the pace of investment in the mainland. Recently, Zhenglong has reinvested US $45million of the company's own funds to establish the mainland Zhenglong paper industry, which will set up industrial paper mills, carton mills and household paper processing plants. The overall investment amount will be more than US $100million

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