The hottest Taiwei pq300 will appear at the Xi'an

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Taiwei pq300 will be unveiled at Xi'an ceramics exhibition

Xi'an ceramics exhibition will be held on November 7, when Taiwei pq300 will be displayed at booth E05

Taiwei pq300 flat roll painting is integrated under the same output and melt quality. One machine is dual-purpose, with high precision, high efficiency, convenient operation, stability and reliability. Adopt green UV ink, support ceramic, glass, aluminum plate, light cloth, soft film and other flat roll materials, in order to reduce fuel consumption, diversify industrial printing applications, high speed and high production capacity

uv curing effect is good and lamp life is long

the pressure of the nozzle is adjusted independently to ensure that the ink dots of each improved resonance element are uniform and consistent, and the image quality is fine and smooth

a variety of white printing modes to meet the needs of white shading, covering and white spot color printing

multiple colors, optional light distribution oil a printing, providing 8-color combination

the thickness of the supporting plate is up to 10 cm, and the spray printing field is wider

Taiwei pq300 process is as precise and stable as a rock. With higher precision and speed, Taiwei is waiting for you at the Xi'an ceramics exhibition

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