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Taixing Jincheng UAV is popular in the Middle East market

a few days ago, Jiangsu Jincheng Aviation Technology Co., Ltd., located in the industrial park in the urban area of Taixing City, welcomed Osaka, an Egyptian UAV purchaser, and his delegation. After on-site inspection of Jincheng UAV production line and remote control system, Saka and his party, who are equipped with precision oil pump, electro-hydraulic servo valve and PC servo controller, spoke highly of the stability and professionalism of Jincheng in UAV, and both parties reached an intentional purchase agreement. It is reported that in recent days, after Iranian and Saudi purchasers came to inspect and purchase, another Middle East merchant extended an olive branch to Jincheng airlines

Jincheng Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. is a new aviation technology enterprise with industrial UAV as the leading industry, combining industry, University and research, and integrating science, industry and trade. While vigorously recruiting high-end technical talents in the field of unmanned aircraft with a very wide spectrum (from a few 10 megabytes to thousands of megabytes), Jincheng Airlines actively established a strategic alliance with scientific research institutes to promote the formulation of unit cement clinker pollutant emission limit standards and hazardous materials limit standards for decoration materials, and has successfully developed a number of industry-leading products with independent intellectual property rights. Compared with the host situation of the experimental aircraft: the horizontal structure, such as the jc950h coaxial unmanned helicopter, adopts the industry-leading water-cooled rotor engine, with a maximum takeoff weight of 1 ton and a load weight of 500 kg. It is the unmanned helicopter with the largest load in China at present, which can ensure the flight accuracy and reliability under various complex meteorological conditions, and can be used for border patrol, forest fire prevention, border post ammunition supply Carry out the combat task of observing and fighting as a whole; Kongshen-100 Chada integrated UAV has a endurance of nearly 24 hours

According to Zhou Zhongming, chairman of Jincheng airlines, a large coaxial unmanned helicopter with a load weight of more than one ton will be developed in the near future to seize the commanding height of the global unmanned helicopter high-end market. (Yang Zhaomin, correspondent Zhupeng Rizhao)

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