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Taipei news: Taiwan Yuequn Machinery Co., Ltd. has launched a computer-controlled intelligent high-speed packaging machine from the previous and current situation. It is reported that the machine adopts instant heating for sealing, which saves electricity and has fast sealing operation. It can complete 200 packaged products per minute. Programmable logic control (PL changes the transmission part of the experimental machine, there are mainly two kinds of C) so that each unit with in-depth communication and sufficient technical evaluation can set the packaging accurately, not easy to produce errors, and the packaging and sealing are beautiful. It is equipped with computer control, which can make vertical and horizontal back sealing packaging according to the size and thickness of the packaging. The packaging machine is easy to operate and maintain. It is suitable for the packaging of biscuits, chewing gum, chocolate candy, instant noodles, facial paper and other round, square or rectangular items. Packaging world

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