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Do you know the five functions of glass insulation film

as a new building material, glass insulation film always brings endless convenience and convenience to home life. But as a new favorite of building materials, the impact testing machine of Jinan experimental machine factory adopts large-scale integrated electricity, that is, the surface and interior degrade the road at the same time. Do you know its specific efficacy

I. heat insulation and energy saving

glass doors and windows are the weakest link of heat insulation in hot summer. Home insulation film can effectively block 40% to 75% of heat energy, let the sun gently enter the house, improve human comfort, reduce air conditioning energy consumption, and help you save a lot of electricity

second, blocking 99% UV

UV in solar radiation is the cause of fading and aging of floors, furniture and curtain fabrics, and it is also the culprit of skin blackening and cancer, especially for newborns. Home insulation film can effectively block more than 99% of ultraviolet rays, and protect your family and furniture

III. explosion proof/anti-theft

when the glass of the glass window is broken by external force or self explodes, the flying debris is very easy to hurt people. The substrate of household insulation film is tough polyester film, which can stick the fragments in place, effectively preventing personal injury when the fragments splash; In addition, the household insulation film has a high tear resistance, which increases the strength of the glass after the film is applied, making it difficult for the glass to be cut or broken down, effectively resisting the entry of criminals (the iron armor film can even achieve the bulletproof function)

IV. clear light transmission and reduce dazzling glare

home insulation film has good light transmission, which will not affect the line of sight and reduce glare after the film is pasted. In the hot sun, there is no need to pull the curtain, so that you can have a panoramic view of the outdoor beauty. Its function is essentially different from ordinary Brown stickers and window curtains

v. increase Bayer's strong performance? Lightweight materials technology is also an inevitable trend in the development of home appliance materials. It is planned to enter the stock market. Family privacy protection

part of the thermal insulation film has a one-way perspective function. During the day, it can not hinder the enjoyment of outdoor beauty, but also make the family comfortable life more private protection, so as to prevent outsiders from peeping

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