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Taixin small rotary excavation participated in the Nanjing dam reinforcement project

in recent years, the situation of flood control and disaster resistance is severe, and the reinforcement project of the old dam is being implemented in an orderly manner. In January 2017, Taixin small rotary excavation was lucky to participate in the reinforcement project of the dam in the Qiqiao River Basin in Gaochun District, Nanjing. With its reliable performance and flexibility, it allows everyone to see the transition, exquisite fuselage and other advantages, and excellently carries out the drilling task of dam RT - conductor measurement resistance value reinforcement

Taixin small rotary excavation participated in the Nanjing dam reinforcement project

the total length of the project is about 4.2km. The clay cut-off wall is punched and grabbed with a hole spacing of 0.92M and a wall depth of 5.5m-9.5m. The specific construction is to use Taixin's rotary drilling rig to drill a hole with a diameter of 1.1m and a depth of 9.5m, then backfill with soil, tamp with a tamper, and drill a hole every other meter. After a section of the dam is tamped, drill the place between the two holes again, and drill two rows after the hole is set. This time, Taixin called two sets of kr50 and one set of kr80 to participate in the construction through the enterprise customer network

in the combination project of new and old embankments for embankment reinforcement, the biggest difficulty encountered is that the embankment reinforcement construction filling operation surface is narrow, the soil layer ground is relatively soft and has a certain slope, and some sections operate under the high-voltage line. However, Taixin small rotary excavation is handy for this project. Kr50 has 14 piles 8 hours a day and kr80 has 16 piles 8 hours a day. So far, the project has been carried out as planned

Taixin small rotary drilling participated in the Nanjing dam reinforcement project

the design of the host and auxiliary equipment of the experimental machine drew lessons from foreign advanced technology

with the continuous popularization of rotary drilling methods, rotary drilling rigs can be seen everywhere in various engineering projects. While exploring industrial and civil construction projects, Taixin small rotary excavation has also been involved in water conservancy projects. Taixin is determined to become the leader of "domestic first-class and international famous" piling machinery, and we are constantly developing new solutions. (this article is from Taixin machinery)

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