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Yanhua's open mode leveraged the market

Mr. Zhang, who just got off work, dragged his tired body and mind back home, but today was an important day for his wedding anniversary. Mr. Zhang dared not be careless, and quickly began to prepare a candlelight dinner for the couple, and set the situational light source in his wife's favorite Mediterranean style. Mr. Zhang plans to share with his wife later. Today, he was highly praised by his supervisor for successfully preparing a professional and smooth international video conference in the company

in fact, it's easy to enjoy such a digital intelligent life like Mr. Zhang. The "ubiqscenariomaster" ubiq230t lighting situation control module launched by Advantech, a leading manufacturer of global industrial computer (IPC) and automation equipment, allows you to easily control the light source in the room and instantly change the home life situation, and it takes only 3 seconds to achieve this

on July 4, at the Beijing station of Asia tour of Yanhua intelligent ubiqscenariomaster lighting scene control products, Li qihan, deputy general manager of Advantech, who came from Taiwan headquarters, said: "With the increasing demand for differentiation in the mainland real estate market, Advantech, which mainly provides intelligent services for commercial real estate, will take the opportunity of this Asian tour of lighting scene control products to fully enter the residential intelligent market where large 2.1 experimental machines or heavy parts and components should be easy to lift and install. The company has purchased an office building in Shanghai not long ago, and is successively setting up R & D, marketing and other relevant departments for All preparations have been made to expand the market. "

in order to cooperate with Advantech to enter the real estate and residential market, the "ubiqscenariomaster" ubiq230t lighting situation control module launched this time includes home and business. According to the engineers of Advantech, as long as you touch the LCD screen of the product, you can freely switch and set 40 usage context interfaces. At home, you can set up audio-visual feast, meditation and reading, banquet party, heart to heart talk, or just leave a lamp for the last person to go home; The business office can also set the clockwise torque value of professional briefing and video to create a lighting environment for positive meetings, conference discussions, small theatres or halftime breaks, and it can be remotely controlled wirelessly, which is simple and convenient to operate. In the field of modified plastics, it is understood that since its establishment in 1983, Advantech has always been committed to developing and producing high-quality and high-performance network platform products and services for the industrial computer and automation market. After more than 20 years of development, Advantech has accumulated rich experience in the network platform service market, and provides global users with comprehensive solutions for system integration hardware, software, customer service, global logistics support and e-commerce infrastructure. This time, the "ubiqscenariomaster" ubiq230t has built-in Ethernet, which can centrally manage the intelligent situation setting and control, reduce unnecessary power consumption for business space, and make a distraction for the earth's environmental protection

in addition to its efforts in energy conservation and environmental protection, Advantech also attaches great importance to the integrated development of the industry. Li qihan said that Advantech abandoned the closed operation mode of some enterprises from the beginning, but adopted the open mode and worked closely with the system integrator, which not only gave consumers more opportunities to choose products, but also allowed the system integrator partners to provide perfect solutions for many applications in various industries, thus realizing the value-added of their solutions and services

at present, there are countless cooperative intelligent building projects using Advantech intelligence in Taiwan, including the skyrocketing price of nearly 500000 yuan in the platinum version of Taiwan architecture, the Liyuan case, Lijing case and Lishui case of Jiani construction; Guoju's Neihu advanced toutian and xiangpobao case, yuanxiong's great future, Baohui's Taichung phase VII top luxury house and Baohui garden square, as well as India, Australia, Dubai and other countries and regions

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