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Yangzi Petrochemical's coal to gas operation has set a record

recently, Yangzi Petrochemical's coal to gas plant has set a new record of continuous operation for 153 days, which is equivalent to similar technical units of shell, and has reached the world leading level in the operation cycle of similar units. The device stopped feeding this time because of the need for hydrogen resource balance and actively exited from operation

Yangzi Petrochemical's 500000 T/a coal to gas plant is a Sinopec demonstration plant, which undertakes the important task of developing new technologies for Sinopec's coal chemical industry. The device integrates the advantages of the world's advanced coal gasification technology, and has developed independent core technologies such as Dongfang furnace. The demonstration device was completed on January 23rd, 2014 and successfully put into coal at one time, producing a high-quality target product hydrogen. In recent years, the main indicators such as carbon conversion rate and effective gas yield have reached or exceeded the design goals, and passed the 72 hour operation calibration, and the results exceeded the expectations of the patent development unit

the key of coal chemical technology is coal gasification, in which the continuous and stable operation level of the device is the key index to reflect the operation reliability of the device. As a well-known multinational company involved in the development of coal chemical technology, shell has gradually broken through the bottleneck of the operation cycle and reached the maturity level of 150 days of single line operation

Yangzi Petrochemical coal gasification demonstration unit is the first unit developed by SINOPEC

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