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Yanhua SBS and butadiene rubber strive to achieve full capacity production

with the successful start-up of the 660000 t ethylene cracking unit reconstructed and expanded by Yanhua company, the raw materials of C4, ethylene and propylene are sufficient, and the feeding of butadiene production unit of Yanhua synthetic rubber business department has reached 16t/h, realizing full capacity production. The SBS production unit has been in full production since its start-up. The daily output of SBS is more than 150 tons. Cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber production plant is preparing to realize full capacity production as soon as possible. The synthetic rubber business department of Yanshan Petrochemical Company adjusted its marketing strategy according to domestic 3 Fixture structure fixture itself has no fixed structure (for example, the metal wire can be clamped by winding, or two flat plates can be used to clamp the market changes of SBS and cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber, adjust the production brand number to meet the needs of users; adjust the product sales price in time; reduce the transportation time, do a good job in sales service, and strive to achieve full production and full sales.

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