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The daily maintenance of monochrome printing machine cannot be ignored

Hefei Xingguang printing factory has a monochrome printing machine. After the maintenance and adjustment in the off-season are normal, it has not started printing for a long time. After that, it printed a batch of two-color prints, most of which were flat. Because it was inked without washing the car before printing, when printing, there was a piece of ink about 2cm2 in the middle of the prints, which became lighter and lighter. After the printing speed decreased, the ink color returned to normal. The two clamps separated and stretched the sample at a constant speed. The inspection from the rubber drum showed that although the ink on the ink transfer roller was actually uniform, one of the inking rollers was not inked, and the axial position was the same as that of the printed matter. Feel it with your hand. It feels smooth. It turns out that the oil drips on it. Because the car washing operation was too troublesome, the operator cleaned the roller with cleaning paste. There was no place where the manufacturer's after-sales personnel specially debugged the ink that would not cause problems, and then used it to wipe it with cloth. It was found that the effect was the same as that of car washing

experience: when the printer is not working for a long time, it should be covered with cardboard or plastic film to prevent dust from falling on the roller and causing no inking. In addition, pay attention not to drop oil on the roller during maintenance

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