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CNOOC found a large oil and gas field in the South China Sea, with a daily gas production equivalent to 9400 barrels of oil

on September 12, during a field interview in the Deepwater operation area in the north of the South China Sea where the "offshore oil 981" drilling platform is currently located, it was learned that Lingshui gas field was successfully tested for the first time to obtain high-yield oil and gas flow, with a daily natural gas production of 56.5 million cubic feet, equivalent to 9400 barrels of oil equivalent. It is estimated that Lingshui gas field is the first major oil and gas discovery of self operated deep-water exploration in China's sea area

"Lingshui" opens the door to deep-water oil and gas in the South China Sea

the deep-water area of the South China Sea is located at the intersection of the Eurasian plate, the Pacific plate and the Indian Ocean plate. The exploration area is wide, the average water depth is large, the depression structure is diverse, and the exploration is extremely difficult. Some world-renowned oil and gas companies have failed here. This successful discovery of Lingshui launched the first shot of China's offshore oil self operated deep-water exploration

CNOOC Table 4 shows that Wang Yilin, chairman of the standard comparison department for new and old materials of automobile bumpers in a certain day, said a few days ago, "Entering the deep-water area of the South China Sea has been the dream of Chinese offshore oil people for many years. Lingshui's exploration breakthrough has opened a door to the deep-water oil and gas deposits in the South China Sea. This major discovery has strengthened our confidence and determination to enter the deep-water area and find oil and gas in the deep-water area of the South China Sea, and has shown the great potential of oil and gas production in this area."

xieyuhong, director of CNOOC Nanhai West Petroleum Administration, proudly told that the success of Lingshui test has set three "firsts": This is the first high-yield atmospheric field obtained by CNOOC's deep-water self exploration; It is also the first time that the deepwater drilling platform "offshore oil 981" has successfully completed deepwater testing; It is also the first successful application of the self-developed deepwater modular test device

"It has verified CNOOC's understanding of the regularity of deepwater oil and gas distribution in the South China Sea, and tested its deepwater drilling, testing, and project management capabilities. The first self operated deepwater project has trained the Deepwater project technology and management personnel in the long-term use process. The company's self-trained deepwater team has basically mastered a full set of deepwater drilling technology, a full set of deepwater testing technology, and a full set of deepwater management elements, and independently explored and developed deepwater oil and gas The capacity of resources has reached a new level. " Fang MANZONG, chief engineer of deep-water drilling and completion of CNOOC Nanhai West Petroleum Administration, said

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